What do Christians believe? Who was Jesus Christ? Did he really exist? Was he really God? If he does exist and he is God, what did he say while he was here on earth? Does he really tell us what the point of life is?

At Riverside we want to give people an opportunity to hear the message of Jesus Christ explained, to ask questions and to think through the big issues of life. ‘Christianity Explored’ is a course that aims to achieve all of these things in a relaxed setting and it’s open to all – whether you’d call yourself a ‘beginner’ with very little knowledge of Christianity or whether you’re a believer who’d like to brush up on the basics.

The course lasts for four weeks, but there’s no commitment to attend every week, although you’ll find it most help if you do. The format of the evening is usually the same each week: a short talk explaining some aspect of Christian belief, the chance to examine the Bible yourself and the opportunity to discuss/ask questions, or if you’d prefer, just to sit and listen. There’s no pressure, no praying or singing, and no previous knowledge of the Bible or Christianity is assumed.

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Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored